the german spitz


The German Spitz (Mittel) is a member of the spitz family and are loyal, active, alert and make excellent watchdogs. The German Spitz (Mittel) loves a game with the family, its buoyancy, independence and devotion to the family are the breed characteristics. They also smile in response to their surroundings.

They are intelligent, bright, lively and independent. They can be noisy if not taught other wise. One of the special characteristics of the breed is that they mix well with humans and other breeds as well. They need regular exercise but also should be kept occupied so they do not become bored and destructive.

The German Spitz in general is good with children although any breed is good with children as long they are raised with children. You cannot expect an adult dog to adapt to a family situation that has children if the dog is not use to them.

On the whole the breed is a relatively sound breed. We have had no major problems in the dogs that we have purchased or bred ourselves.

The German Spitz (Mittel) is free from doggy odours and are easy to care for. With a regular brushing for their thick coat once a week and a bath when required, this is an easy breed to maintain.

Kay & John Jordan, Brian Crump and Robyn Galvin of NSW,  Fran Hussey-Allan in Perth Western Australia, Di Armstrong and Jay & Mel Field of Queensland and Janelle Thompson in Tasmania all have Nueboree German Spitz and the results speak for themselves.